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MASKED EMOTIONS by paula jensen

©2018 Copyright - Individual by Artist, All Rights Reserved
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Size: 52"H X 22"W X 22"D

Non-cast. Faces are created by using repousse/chasing methods into copper sheet metal. Stems are forged steel pipe.

Masked is about how we present ourselves to the world. Someone asks you how you are and we say 'just fine', regardless of what emotions we are feeling at that moment. Every person has this common thread of emotion. The blooms that haven't yet opened represent those emotions that have yet to appear. The top expression is 'pensive'. This is the main character that holds those inner feelings inside. The next expression is 'surprise/elation'. The excitement we get at something unexpected. Next, is 'fear/insecurity'. These two emotions are closely related. Then, 'childish/silly'. Some days are just that way.... 'Happy/content we all hope those days are more often than not. Finally 'envy' which we all know turns us all green. All these emotions lurk in everyone of us. It is the one common human thread. You ask, 'where is love'? Love is depicted in the heart at the base of the sculpture.