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IN THE SHADOW OF THE TREES by roman janeczko

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Material: Casting stone
Size: 17"H X 25"W X 17"D

The family home was my first and best model to draw. It was always available, was never tired of posing, and its likeness was easy for me to obtain. Hidden between trees in a big garden, from every angle, according to the season or the time of the day, the house shoved countless surprising motives. These motives became designs for sculptures,and the garden became a big workshop. The day arrived when I had to leave for a big industrial city, but the concrete maze wasn't any inspiration for me. That's why I returned to a big garden, this time in the American state of Minnesota. I live in a neighborhood of small houses hidden among trees,beautiful parks and lakes. Here I continue the work started in my childhood. Landscapes are my favorite model and the best source of inspiration.The work of many years inspired by the nature taught me to see things invisible to others, and has help me to transform these things into sculptures others cannot make.