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THE HOUSE IN THE GARDEN by roman janeczko

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Material: Casting stone for bronze
Size: 16"H X 23"W X 16"D

"Priceless value of the house

Among the many treasures of man, a house has a special and unique value. A house on the land, a house in heaven, house in the fatherland, the family home, and the house of every one of us. So much happens in it. It is a place of life, development, growth, faith, hope, and above all love. This is a safe haven, from which small men go out and which big men seek for."

Dr.Urszula Dudziak

"The House In The Garden" was exhibited at
the International Biennale of Contemporary
Art in Florence, Italy in 2009.

It is also featured in the Biennale Internazionale Dell 'Arte Contemporanea, 2009 (Catalog)