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Material: Bronze
This group of three suited figures invites the viewer to create a story. Are they hoping to be asked to dance, get a job interview, or picked for an award? What are they feeling? What is in front of them that we don't see? The image of my suited figures is meant to create a feeling of affiliation or sympathy. They are trying hard not to make a mistake- to get it right, whatever right is.

This Bronze Sculpture began as a ceramic sculpture. A mold was taken from a ceramic work after it had been bisque fired. Sometimes the ceramic piece survives the molding process and can continue through the firing process and be completed in clay. I can not take a mold of a finished clay piece without affecting the surface of the original. "Guardedly Optimistic" was one of the first bronze sculptures that I hand painted with patina chemicals to create the individual coloring that this piece required.

The figures were fabricated at New American Bronze Casting and I hand painted them with Patina chemicals.