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PEARL by fawzia khan

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Installation view
Material: mixed media
Size: variable

When a grain of sand enters an oyster, it causes irritation and discomfort. The oyster's response is to cover that irritating crumb with layers of nacre, a substance that smooths the surface to ameliorate the discomfort. We value the resultant pearls so much, that we wear them as adornments.

In much the same way, when we share our joys and concerns in community, we multiply our joys and share the burdens of our sorrows making them easier to bear.

These oysters represent community. As the viewers share their joys and sorrows, they create a "pearl," the valuable result of community. (Viewers write on slips of paper and place them in oysters. These slips are then pasted together to form the pearl in the center of the table). The audio component of this installation is a reading of all the joys and sorrows now contained in the pearl.