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PALOMA, THE DOVE by richards poey

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Edition Size: 12
Material: Bronze
Size: 40"h x 16"w x 9"d

PALOMA was inspired by a photograph by Howard Schatz. I found the pose was so remarkable that I could hardly believe the human body in motion could do it. My sculpture is actually an interpretation of the famous Argentine-born ballet dancer, Paloma Herrera.

Paloma started at age 7 and quickly became a child prodigy in South America. She studied at the Minsk Ballet School in Belarus and the English Ballet in London. Shortly she was invited to the American Ballet Theater in New York where she made such an impression that she took the lead role in the annual workshop. She became an official member of ABT in 1991, soloist in 1993 and principal in 1995.

She had unique control of her body which choreographers and music directors loved. Said one director, "She is able to grab on to the most difficult music and make something happen." Another said, "It's intriguing to watch Paloma digest the music and wrap the movement around her. She works in musical phrases, not counts."

Oddly, she married an Argentine lawyer who knew nothing of ballet, but always sat in front row seats just to watch her vibrant performances. She retired in her mid-thirties, lives in Buenos Aires, but is never far away from the Dance. On her life, she comments, "It was my dream being at the ABT, it was my dream dancing all over the world. I want to end it nicely, just like this beautiful career."